Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Fight or Flight? -RSC '16-

....Entry 3....

I don't even know where to begin. So much has happened since last I wrote!
The Pixies held a ceremony of sorts after we agreed to help them.
There was pixies everywhere!! They started wrapping us in twigs and vines and flowers.
They said that they were enchanted with protection and would act as armor.

I sure hope so!

******    ******    ******

 After ceremoning our faces off; my twin sister and I decided to get a grip on this "flying business".
It's not as easy as you'd think! Your body is kind of....floppy all over the placey.
Once you get your balance it's not so bad. I hope we get this before those pirates come looking!

 Just as the thought left my head, we turned a corner and saw some pirates unloading from their boat.
I immediately looked at my sister and screamed at her to run and tell the others. "Get Help!"

Just as I was pulling my slingshot back to fire, like Magic there was back up!
A few of my friends were accompanying some of the pixies.
Ready for Action!
They must have had a barrier up to warn them about intruders!

Quickly we surrounded them!
They must have been scared of all of us and thought again about attacking.
They scurried back into the boat and started heading back towards the big ship.
Not before they yelled some very piratey nonsense *rolls his eyes*
"We'll be back you silly landlubbers!" 
"Don't go getting too comfortable!"
"Before ya know it we'll be feeding you to the fishes ur using you as Shark Bait!"

The Fairies looked a bit concerned about the threats.
I wasn't scared though. I couldn't stop chuckling at the way they talked.

...There are a lot of ships, though...

Monday, 25 July 2016

Neverland in Turmoil? -RSC '16-

...Entry 2..

After spotting the pirate ships and running back to camp, -
 I reach my tent where I see the adults that were brought with us -
clammering around nervously and shouting at each other.
Not the Poster People for composure lemme tell you!!

While standing around trying to catch my breath, I overhear the adults saying that 
some of the kids were tricked into following the pirates!
Apparently they were promised a life of luxury only Pirates can maintain.
One of the parents suggested that we all get together and form a plan of action.

We decided to gather by the waterhole where we flew in...

******   ******   ******

As the adults are discussing how to get the kids back and trying to calm down each other,
I spot a small glimmer form the distance out of the corner of my eye.
As it gets closer it comes in clearly. Pixies!!! 
Frickin Pixies!!! *gasps* that bigger one must be the leader of the Pixies!!

As she approaches everyone starts to take notice and everything becomes silent.
Then, you hear this soft, calming, ethereal voice speaking.
"You must remain calm. We've seen your Children, they are safe. For Now."
"The Pirates have coaxed them into believing they offer something special."
"At the moment, the pirates have use for them. So Fear Not."

"We have been at war with the Pirates for as long as I can remember."
"We apologize that you've gotten torn into our Feud. But we need your help."
"We can help you save your offspring and get you home. We need to work together."

As the fairy continues to tell her tale the parents seem to fade into the background.
I then hear a voice as she speaks to all of us children separately. 
Telling us that she can teach us to fly. 
We just have to keep believing in them.

She then sends out her Pixies as they start to sprinkle a shiny glittery dust over our heads.
"Think Happy Thoughts", she says.

I thought about Doctor Who and Dinosaurs and Chocolate Milk!
I think my sister got confused about her happy thoughts, or she got scared of being off the ground.

The Pixie Leader Lady said that flight would be our most valued weapon...

I guess we shall see.....

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Never Forever Land -RSC '16-

.....Entry 1.....

To whom this may reach,
We made it to Disney. 
If only for a moment. 

Half way through a ride my group was approached by fairies!
Real Fairies!

At first I thought it was part of the ride. We were at Disney! How we were supposed to know?!

The Fairy Princess who spoke to us told us of trouble she was having in her realm.
I can't remember everything that she said, it's all a bit of a blur now.
But I do remember that she said she had enough fairy dust to get us to Neverland.
But, not enough to get us back home.
In order for us to get home we would have to find Crystals to restore the Fairy Dust.
 So far, we haven't met anyone named Crystal.

While my group and many others that have been brought here were getting settled -
I decided to explore some (because I'm brave like that) and see where exactly we were.

It's not exactly how it is in the stories...

I noticed this furry fella following me. I think he might be lost too.
He ran to me when I knelt down to him. He seemed to be scared!
I gave him a price of my sandwich that I had packed in case I got lost. 
While he was nibbling I decided to name him!
"Sir Oscar Xerxes!"..."Sox" for short.

We started on our exploration adventure..Things were...a little different here.
I've never seen such big flowers in my life! All 4 years of them! Nothing like it!

That made me very curious about everything here! I set out to explore more.
What other odd things are here?! 
There's another thing, too.
It's really beautiful here and the Butterflies are veeerrrryyy helpful!

And there's Mermaids!! Real Mermaids!! That are made of Mer!
She was playing her harp really pretty. I didn't want to bother her.
Mostly, if I'm being honest. I was scared. 
She's a real life mermaid!! 

 And these rickety old bridges. "Sox" is so brave!! He kept me going!
It was swaying in the wind and the ropes kept creaking and the boards were wiggling.
I almos pee'd a little....almos...

 But there are ziplines!!!! Ziplines everywhere!!!! So many Ziplines!!!

And....Pirates?... Are those Pirate Ships?
*Grabs "Sox" and runs back to camp to tell the others*